Notes and Letters From Our 2017 Visitors

This year we have had an influx of visitors from near and far visiting our Peppermint Museum.  One of ou local visitors after touting our building “we were all impressed and went away with a deeper appreciation of our hometown history.”

A visitor from Phoenix Arizone wrote “we truly enjoyed learning about the peppermint oil business.   Who knew it was so vast and important.”.  One of our young visitors from Washington DC  wrote that she ” learned a lot about history of peppermint and our town.  She also said when she had a sore throat a little bit of peppermint soothed her throat.”

Some comments from our Sodus Elementary visitors:

I liked the peppermint smell when I walked in.

The story about how the “S” drawer was stolen was my favorite thing.

The  best part was going upstairs.

I liked seeing the underground vault.

I hope you will allow me to come back, then I could teach them something.

I learned that peppermint oil can stay good for over a hundred years and how the safe fell through the floor.



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