Hotchkiss Building

The H. G. Hotchkiss Prize Medal Essential Oil Company was founded by Hiram Hotchkiss with his brother Leman in the early 1800’s.  The current building on 95 Water Street was built in 1884 on the banks of the original Erie Canal.  H. G. Hotchkiss produced internationally famous mint oils bottled in glass containers made in Clyde, New York.

For years Lyons was known as the “Peppermint Capital” of the world.  Visitors can tour the building.  Permanent exhibits include Hiram G. Hotchkiss’ office, the bottling room, the chemical lab, the filter room, and a Lyons history room with artifacts and art from Lyons’ history. Changing exhibits are also on the tour.  Allow an hour for a tour.  For arrangements outside of regular hours, contact Patty Alena at 315-946-4596.

Located near the Lyons historic town center, the Hotchkiss building, near Lock 27,  is accessible from the Erie Canalway Trail as well as the Lyons dock area.  Visitors will want to walk to the town center, enjoy the quaint charm of Lyons as well as the many murals and historic buildings.