Gift Shop

Our gift shop, open whenever the Hotchkiss building is open for tours and by appointment, features all things mint. We have mint candy, t-shirts and an array of other products.

  • vanilla-peppermint-lotion

    Lotions, Etc.

    We have a line of Wickedly Scent lotions, insect repellent, lip balms and soaps. Wickedly Scent products are made in Farmington, N. Y. and are available in a range of minty scents, including the popular peppermint vanilla.

  • hotchkiss-peppermint-oil-large


    Original Hotchkiss peppermint oil, made in Lyons, NY is still available, in the larger blue bottle and a smaller size.

  • wooleygoodies-felt-soap-barj


    A new product, felted mint soap, is made by local felter Elaine Sinniger of Lyons. Each bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap is covered by Elaine’s own crafted felt, which makes a wonderful bath scrubby when wet.

  • peppermint-summer-book


    A popular children’s book, explaining the history and process of making peppermint oil in Lyons, written by our own Pat Gorthy, is Peppermint Summer. We also carry other Erie Canal-related books.