New Acquisitions at the Lyons Heritage Society

Pat Alena recently received a call from Katherine Shuller Harrison telling her that she found a peppermint bottle she wanted to donate to our museum. The story behind the bottle is typical of Hotchkiss Essential Oil history.  Her grandfather owned and operated a German candy shop in Honesdale, PA. During a flood where they lost their shop one of the small amber peppermint bottles complete with labels and cork was rescued from the floodwaters.  We are glad to report there is little damage to the bottle. We welcome this beautiful bottle and it will soon be on display in our historic museum. Honesdale Historical Society sent us two pictures of the owners of the candy shop.  Kay Stephenson, Research Librarian for the Wayne County (PA) Historical Society, sent us the following information about the candy store:

Lloyd and Frank Shuller in front of Candy Shop
PHOTO courtesy of Wayne County Historical Society PA

Francis Schuller, father of Frank F. Schuller, of 923 Main Street, ice cream and confectionery store, was the pioneer manufacturer of these two products in Honesdale.  He established his business in 1848 and is therefore in the eighty-first year.  Schuller’s home-made ice cream and hard candies have been made continuously since.   F. F. Schuller learned the business under his father and today Lloyd Schuller is associated with his father in this long-established and well known candy store.  In addition to handling all kinds of home-made candies some of the best nationally advertised candies are sold.  A large soda fountain serves the best refreshing drinks obtainable.  The spacious ice cream parlor is equipped with individual tables, allowing a number of patrons to be seated at one time.  Philadelphia newspapers are also for sale at this pioneer candy shop.


Christmas advertisement from Traver’s Tea Shop, Lyons, NY



Another acquisition is a framed Santa Claus cut out advertising “Traver’s Tea” Shop. This was donated by Laurel Wemmet. According to the text at the bottom of the card, it was located at 3 Canal St. in Lyons.  Nothing else is known about the shop.

Also, Gehrig Lohrmann recently donated a display case for the building and he is working along with Pat Alena to refurbish the case.

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