Annette Harris Gives Lyons Heritage Society Glimpse of Myron C. Taylor

Annette Harris, the featured speaker at the October Lyons Heritage Society Meeting, gave audience members a glimpse into Myron C. Taylor and his philanthropy. Born in 1874 in Lyons he spent his boyhood in Lyons and became not only the CEO of US Steel, but also an ambassador of the United States to the Vatican. He graduated from Cornell University with a law degree, the university where

Myron C. Taylor

he later gave Myron Taylor Hall for its law school and Anabel Taylor Hall for interfaith worship. Among his many philanthropic gifts was the trust that supports all of the Lyons’ churches that continues to this day, as well deeding his boyhood home to Lyons as the former Lyons Community Center on Broad Street. Another Taylor presence in Lyons is Taylor Park, the former site of the Taylor Mailbag Company. Taylor’s life, generosity to his hometown and spirit of giving continue to inspire and affect generations of Lyons residents.

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